Right to Information Act, 2005

A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.

Board of Trustees
Sr. No. Designation Position in Board of Trustees Persons holding the designation as on date of notification
1 Managing Director, State Bank of India Chairman of Board of Trustees Shri C. S. Setty
2 Executive Director, Bank of Baroda Trustee Shri Shanti Lal Jain
3 Executive Director, Union Bank of India Trustee Shri Manas Ranjan Biswal
4 Chief Executive, Indian Banks Association Trustee Shri Sunil Mehta

Screening Committee
01. Justice Jainarayan Patel (Former Chief Justice, Kolkata high Court) Chairperson
02. Shri Man Mohan Pathak, (Retired GM, State Bank of India) Member
03 Shri Nagesh Narendra Bhalerao (Retired GM, Bank of Baroda) Member
Committee of Officers
01 Executive Trustee Chairman
02 General Manager Member
03 Senior most Deputy General Manager Member
04 Senior most Legal Officer Member
Committee for appointment of Valuers, Enforcement Agencies, Insolvency Resolution Professionals
01 General Manager Chairperson
02 Two Deputy General Managers Member
Share Sale Committee
01 General Manager Chairperson
02 Deputy General Managers Member
Committee for Opening and Evaluation of bids for sale of Financial Assets by way of Assignment of Debt (AoD)
01 General Manager Chairperson
02 Two senior most Deputy General Managers Member

Disclosure of minutes of committee meetings are exempted u/s 8(1)(d) of the RTI Act and thus are not open for general public.